Mark Ravenhill Award

About Mark Ravenhill Award

The Mark Ravenhill Award is an award for a production of a new play given to Czech Theatres. The Award is given to productions of a text no older than 1O years. The jury decides on the winner based on the symbiosis of the play and the staging of the production. The jury board also follows the authors theatre productions or collective creations. However, the main critera is that the text can work on its own outside of its original context.
The Award has been given by an eight-member jury board since 2010. The auspices were taken by British playwright Mark Ravenhill who personally participated in the first couple of years. Later, other significant European authors presented the award to the winners.
The award is presented every April or May for the previous year. The award has the shape of a fur coat which is redesigned each year by a prestigious costume designer The director of the production always receives the Award.
Dinner with a new play
An experience of a contemporary drama to feed the eyes and the stomach. The stage reading of a short play supplemented with a three-course menu that is served during a festive evening.
From the toast till the dessert, the audience of VILA is guided through the most interesting contemporary drama.
We bring this unique cycle to anybody that can´t get enough of new plays twice a year. The winter edition is traditionally staged inside VILA Štvanice Theatre and in the summer, we will serve you a dinner under the stars.
The latest information can be found in the theatre schedule.